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xmpp: tweak docs about SendElement and IQs
xmpp: minor update to Send example in docs
xmpp: update docs to mention Send/SendElement
all: bump to new xmlstream and fix flushing
Revert "all: new session XML read/write API"

This reverts commit 5265955b9c79963ea0c1b9f392db0e56b6a242a8.
all: new session XML read/write API
xmpp: remove lang from session creation functions

Since the lang is rarely actually used and we have an advanced
configuration now (by manually creating the Negotiator with
NewNegotiator) there's not much point to having it on the simpler
dialer/session negotiation functions. This is a breaking change.
all: improve documentation
xmpp: minor doc update

[ci skip]
xmpp: minor doc tweaks

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all: update copyright message

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xmpp: add note to docs about Go 1.10

[ci skip]
xmpp: remove go:generate comment, tweak docs

[ci skip]
Fix partially useless tests

Also remove some weird duplicate tests; no idea what I did here.
xmpp: update docs

[ci skip]
Make all stanza types satisfy fmt.Stringer

Add "IQ" back to the end of the IQ types
Move code generation comments to doc.go

Add one for generating iqType strings
Update package docs
Move package to mellium.im/xmpp
Add license badge to readme

Minor tweak to documentation for XMPP package