xmpp: clarify error message in example test
examples: add expanded echobot example
xmpp: fix detection of non-IQ start elements
all: allow negotiating received sessions
.builds: don't fail on linting issues
.builds: use correct build tree name
.build: simplify CI config
xmpp: replace Travis with builds.sr.ht
xmpp: fix comment that golint was complaining about
internal/discover: gofmt -s -w
xmpp: link to new issue tracker in docs
ci: bump Go versions on builds.sr.ht
xmpp: remove dead code
all: bump deps
xmpp: move CI to builds.sr.ht
Update mellium.im/sasl to v0.2.1

The XMPP library now performs its own Base64 encoding and decoding since
this is no longer part of the SASL library (it's XMPP specific and
shouldn't have been in the SASL library to begin with).

Fixes #3
ci: remove build and run benchmarks after success
xmpp: run go mod tidy
ci: migrate to Travis CI
color: clarify version of XEP being implemented

[ci skip]