ref: 7e76defde884af7cd63b3d6bb7065694db076b8f xmpp/session.go -rw-r--r-- 25.5 KiB
all: pass Session directly to handler
xmpp: remove a TODO comment that's not useful
xmpp: add Encode and EncodeElement methods
all: add new API to make writing tokens safe
xmpp: move SendElement closer to Send in code
xmpp, dial: split dialer out into own package
all: rework API for SendIQ and SendIQElement
xmpp: fix deadlock when sending errors

Revert "Revert "xmpp: lock output stream when replying with errors""

This reverts commit 0e5ccd204a26f0cf65810ff16332a270c940df46.
Revert "xmpp: lock output stream when replying with errors"

This reverts commit 65018daba718d1c6fe81a1b39ed6c99a361e0f2d.
xmpp: lock output stream when replying with errors
xmpp: lock output stream on Session.Close
all: add and use new SendIQ API
all: remove unnecessary pointer in WrapIQ
xmpp: tweak docs about SendElement and IQs
xmpp: make SendElement safe for concurrent use
xmpp: fix bug where stream might get out of sync
xmpp: add tests for sending stanzas
xmpp: extract out long is IQ and is stanza checks
xmpp: fix detection of non-IQ start elements
all: allow negotiating received sessions