ref: 7b9310cb11358835c951d5f6a41be72dfc76cd49 xmpp/stanza/iq.go -rw-r--r-- 2.2 KiB
xmpp: use new JID API
all: update copyright message

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stanza: make the id attribute on IQs optional
all: update WrapIQ to support all IQ attrs

This also fixes bind
stanza: omitempty on IQ to attr
stanza: don't enforce partial IQ semantics
stanza: simplify IQ type
stanza: remove innerxml fields from stanzas

Fixes #36
stanza: move stanza functionality into new package
Remove broken stanza correctness enforcement

I'm not sure where this will go yet; maybe on a new "Client" type
(*sigh*)? It needs to work differently either way.
I can't spell

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Add partial Send() function
Workaround for Go issue #16497

Remove Stanza struct (it was pointless)

At first I thought it would be useful when creating Nonzas, but they're
not likely to actually share any properties with stanzas since they're
not routable.
Make all stanza types satisfy fmt.Stringer

Add "IQ" back to the end of the IQ types
Export the Stanza type
Remove IQ outline; it will be on Client
Make IQ types unmarshalable (and add tests)
Don't modify go generate output for iqType strings