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Send IDs for presences and messages too

Only send IDs if one isn't already set (for all stanzas)
Test to make sure we don't accidentally mutate stanzas
Add temporary panic to unimplemented Send branch
Add partial Send() function
Implement session send/receive API

See #19
Session should not close the underlying Conn
Remove session Set{Read,Write,}Deadline methods
Make session addr functions return JID
Remove Read/Write methods from Session
More session cleanup
Add Session API and remove Conn
Clarify session state docs
How do grammar?
Don't return a set of features, just allow lookup
Lookup stream features by namespace, not xmlname
Greedily negotiate optional features

Fixes #12
Add a way to get the streams encoder/decoder

This gives StreamFeatures a way to use the same encoder/decoder that
created the stream so that we don't get them out of sync with the stream
Allow features to upgrade the underlying RWC

Fixes #9
Add a `Raw() io.ReadWriteCloser' method to Conn
Always set deadlines on underlying net.Conn

Even if the rwc was upgraded to something that is no longer a conn, or
to a new conn which could get deadlines set on it even though we'd
previously set deadlines on the underlying conn.