ref: 52be89df867be9fc4e8ba83b0c3880887a6485ba xmpp/sasl.go -rw-r--r-- 5.9 KiB
Session should not close the underlying Conn
Make session addr functions return JID
More session cleanup
Add Session API and remove Conn
Revert "Fix broken name for SASL mechanism"

This reverts commit eafe42eb23a7dab21533fcedeb450f7293d3c48a.

Why did I do this?
Fix broken name for SASL mechanism
Don't flush at the end of listing a feature
Change stream features list API to use xml encoder

Fixes #11
Don't require separate username in Config
Allow features to upgrade the underlying RWC

Fixes #9
Go back to the options pattern for SASL

Revert "Update SASL to use new mellium.im/sasl API"

This reverts commit 008072a4511547af0c1f3b8f7d1c55bc3bd94291.
Update SASL to use new mellium.im/sasl API

Add credentials to config (probably temporarily)
Remove SASL bug comment that has been fixed
Handle SASL success or fail on initial step
Use new sasl API
ns: Move namespaces to own package

This lets us prevent import loops (eg. if we want to access namespace
constants from a sibling tree under xmpp/)
Move stream errors into their own package
Minor refactor to SASL code to flatten an if