ref: 52be89df867be9fc4e8ba83b0c3880887a6485ba xmpp/jid d---------
Add clarification to docs and minor lint fix
jid: Remove unhelpful example text.
jid: fix Unescape documentation
XEP-0106: Create JID Escaping text transformer

Fixes #24
Remove allocations on JID string splitting

((3413c65...)) $ go test -bench BenchmarkSplit -benchmem
BenchmarkSplit-4         5000000               253 ns/op              64 B/op          2 allocs/op

(master) $ go test -bench BenchmarkSplit -benchmem
BenchmarkSplit-4        50000000                30.5 ns/op             0 B/op          0 allocs/op

See #23
Make the zero value of a JID pointer useful
jid: Fix panic when comparing with nil JID

Also when unmarshaling an empty attr
Add field names to struct in test
Make JIDs satisfy MarshalXML and UnmarshalXML
List unescape quirk as a bug comment.
jid: Add more escape/unescape tests
jid: Support unescaping uppercase escape codes
jid: Add helpers for XEP-0106: Jid Escaping
jid: Improve test coverage
jid: Make argument to Equal take a JID pointer
jid: Add some tests to make sure MustParse panics
Fix issues caught by go vet
Move package to mellium.im/xmpp