ref: 52be89df867be9fc4e8ba83b0c3880887a6485ba xmpp/features.go -rw-r--r-- 9.2 KiB
Session should not close the underlying Conn
More session cleanup
Add Session API and remove Conn
Don't return a set of features, just allow lookup
Lookup stream features by namespace, not xmlname
Remove use of fmt.Fprint in features
Implement server feature negotiation
Start working on server feature negotiation
Refactor writing stream features
Greedily negotiate optional features

Fixes #12
Change stream features list API to use xml encoder

Fixes #11
Allow features to upgrade the underlying RWC

Fixes #9
Add API to get the most recent stream features
Save the features list on Conn
If a resource is bound, the stream is ready
ns: Move namespaces to own package

This lets us prevent import loops (eg. if we want to access namespace
constants from a sibling tree under xmpp/)
Move stream errors into their own package
Don't special case the stream:stream wrapper

And don't recurse when negotiating inner streams, which could have
possibly lead to a malicious server being able to overflow the stack