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Add Conn type to group methods in documentation
Add Session API and remove Conn
Simplify dial methods
Implement server feature negotiation
Minor function refactor
Remove return that breaks formatting in gddo
Don't use default features for now
Ensure all connections get default features
Get stream features negotiation working

Use STARTTLS as a default feature for clients
Remove Go 1.6 support

By the time this is anywhere near complete Go 1.7 will be out anyways,
and for the purpose of development it's way easier to just stick to
using one version of the language. I'm not against adding 1.6 support
back later, and it should be trivial to do.
Make the connect() method name more descriptive
Add NoLookup (no SRV or TXT lookup) to Dialer

Also use DialContext on Go 1.7 and avoid annoying hacks
Add NewConn and back Conn with a ReadWriteCloser
Use Conn as the session and remove Session
Error if SRVs indicate that there is no service
Add default ports if no /etc/services
Add a dialer option for C2S or S2S conns
Rename "Dial" to "DialClient"
Always require a context for Dial methods
Remove raddr from Dial methods