ref: 52be89df867be9fc4e8ba83b0c3880887a6485ba xmpp/bitbucket-pipelines.yml -rw-r--r-- 364 bytes
Add go version build step to CI

Ensure build steps show up separately in Bitbucket Pipelines UI.
Remove Go 1.6 support

By the time this is anywhere near complete Go 1.7 will be out anyways,
and for the purpose of development it's way easier to just stick to
using one version of the language. I'm not against adding 1.6 support
back later, and it should be trivial to do.
Add go vet to CI

And move CI invocations into Makefile
Add race detector to CI

Don't benchmark vendored deps
Try again to fix CI config
Fix formatting on Bitbucket Pipelines config
Move bitbucketci config to new required name
Move package to mellium.im/xmpp
Always run CIwith golang:latest Docker container
Fix make test

Use make test from CI
Fix broken CI
Turn on vendoring for wrapper

Does this even support vendoring?
Turn on vendoring in CI
Actually run tests and benchmarks in CI
Rename XMPP library "Koiné"
Run benchmarks in CI
Don't try to install library in CI
Download deps in CI
Test on CI... don't run. (facepalm)