ref: 52be89df867be9fc4e8ba83b0c3880887a6485ba xmpp/bind.go -rw-r--r-- 2.9 KiB
Add partial Send() function
Session should not close the underlying Conn
More session cleanup
Add Session API and remove Conn
Change stream features list API to use xml encoder

Fixes #11
Allow features to upgrade the underlying RWC

Fixes #9
Merge Bind and Ready states
If a resource is bound, the stream is ready
Quick bind hacks from last night (probably broken)
ns: Move namespaces to own package

This lets us prevent import loops (eg. if we want to access namespace
constants from a sibling tree under xmpp/)
Move stream errors into their own package
Handle bind success
Remove TODO in bind (I decided to leave it as is)
Export default id len and move to internal package
Make all stanza types satisfy fmt.Stringer

Add "IQ" back to the end of the IQ types
Implement initial bind request sending/parsing
I figured out why Bind should still be a function

We don't want end users to be able to screw themselves over by changing
out the default Bind implementation. If they want a custom
implementation, they have to make their own and pass it in using the
normal Dialer APIs, not just modify the default one and have all the
dialers and things that use it suddenly start behaving differently.
Initial resource List/Parse implementation

Negotiation is not yet implemented