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all: move stanza wrapping to methods

Previously to wrap a payload in a stanza you would use the functions
WrapIQ, WrapMessage, and WrapPresence. Each of these took their
respective stanza types and a payload.
These have been moved to Wrap methods on the various stanza types that
take a payload to make them easier to use in handlers where you already
have the stanza.
The down side is that these methods now exist on types that embed a
stanza, which may be confusing since the payload will be ignored and
only the stanza will be used.

Signed-off-by: Sam Whited <sam@samwhited.com>
examples/echobot: use struct based stanza API
all: allow encoding structs from within handlers
examples/echobot: add graceful shutdown
Revert "all: pass Session directly to handler"

This reverts commit 7e76defde884af7cd63b3d6bb7065694db076b8f.
examples/echobot: update to latest APIs
all: pass Session directly to handler
examples/echobot: update to use new dial package
examples/echobot: bump to latest API
examples: add expanded echobot example