styling: remove styling experiment
jid: give JIDs copy semantics
jid: add unsafe JID parsing API
xmpp: update go.mod file format
styling: new package
jid: update Transformer docs
readme: add Buy Me A Coffee link

[ci skip]
ci: fix caches
ci: show benchcmp output during CI
all: add lock file to start testing vgo

[ci skip]
mux: add disclaimer that package may be removed

[ci skip]
mux: experiment with a simple multiplexer
ci: don't build Go 1.10 for use in CI
all: gitignore test binaries

[ci skip]
stream: minor optimization stringifying IP addrs
all: update copyright message

[ci skip]
all: update deps
jid: remove a malloc from WithResource

benchmark                   old ns/op     new ns/op     delta
BenchmarkWithResource-8     267           234           -12.36%

benchmark                   old allocs     new allocs     delta
BenchmarkWithResource-8     4              3              -25.00%

benchmark                   old bytes     new bytes     delta
BenchmarkWithResource-8     104           72            -30.77%
jid: add benchmark for WithResource
Remove unused lines from example

[ci skip]