ref: 24885296fb8321a12f73b5ada7c9c6d1271f2c22 xmpp/iq.go -rw-r--r-- 1.6 KiB
Add partial Send() function
Workaround for Go issue #16497

Remove Stanza struct (it was pointless)

At first I thought it would be useful when creating Nonzas, but they're
not likely to actually share any properties with stanzas since they're
not routable.
Make all stanza types satisfy fmt.Stringer

Add "IQ" back to the end of the IQ types
Export the Stanza type
Remove IQ outline; it will be on Client
Make IQ types unmarshalable (and add tests)
Don't modify go generate output for iqType strings
Start stubbing out IQ sending methods
Refactor stanzas out into their own files