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ibr2: form support
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M ibr2/form.go
M ibr2/form.go => ibr2/form.go +13 -8
@@ 5,20 5,25 @@
package ibr2

import (


// Form is a challenge that presents or receives a data form as specified in
// XEP-0004.
// If Form is used by a client, f is called and passed the form sent by the
// server.
// The returned form should be a response to the sent form.
// If Form is used by a server, f is called once with a nil form and should
// return a form to be sent to the client; it is then called again with the
// clients response at which point a nil form can be returned to terminate the
// exchange, or a second form to be sent to the client can be returned.
func Form(f func(data *form.Data) (*form.Data, error)) Challenge {
func Form(data *form.Data, f func(*form.Data) error) Challenge {
	return Challenge{
		Type: form.NS,
		Send: func(ctx context.Context, e *xml.Encoder) error {
			return e.Encode(data)
		Respond: func(context.Context, *xml.Encoder) error {
			return nil
		Receive: func(ctx context.Context, server bool, d *xml.Decoder, start *xml.StartElement) error {
			return nil