Move maintenance status to top of readme
Make the maintenance status obvious in the README
readme: add Buy Me A Coffee link
Note in the readme that this is not maintained
Add symbola to symbol fonts

Fix some tabbing
Allow adding classes to main article element

Fixes #28
Allow more than just header images to be captioned
Add ability to customize h2::before accent
Remove line break
Fix tabbing in README
Add OpenID 1.1 and 2.0 delegation support
Add main blog gallery index page

See #15
Add photo gallery JSON

See #15
Make sure cover images are centered
Center archive posts on small screens

Fixes #27
Remove large gaps between posts on mobile

Fixes #17
Don't allow post thumbnails to shrink

Fixes #20
Add subtitle support

Fixes #10
Add support for Adobe Edge Webfonts

Fixes #19
Add ability to load webfonts from Google Fonts

Fixes #19