A simple init system for containers written in Rust.
Remove needless pass by value
Remove unnecessary muts
Add module file for signal testing helper



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#Simple Init (sinit)

Simple Init is a simple init system written in Rust that proxies syscalls to its child process(es).

It was mostly written as a learning exercise, but may actually be useful in the real world too… because Linux treats PID1 as a special snowflake, when you run your applications in a Docker container (as PID1) it's possible that if they ever call fork(3) and then the parent process dies you'll end up with a zombie container (because there's nothing to manage the child processes anymore). Instead, you could use sinit as the entry point for your container and then if the child process dies sinit will clean up for you.


More people have reached out to me about this project than expected; it should be noted that this was a learning exercise and probably shouldn't actually be used in the real world without lots of vetting. There are no tests, and it's probably very buggy and unsafe.