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mux: document restrictive route registration

Fixes soquee#2
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M doc.go
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@@ 41,6 41,15 @@
//     /user/{b string}/edit
//     /user/me
// This is to prevent a common class of bug where a static route conflicts with
// a path parameter and it is not clear which should be selected.
// For example, if the route /users/new and /users/{username string} could be
// registered at the same time and someone attempts to register the user "new",
// it might make the new user page impossible to visit, or break the new users
// profile.
// Disallowing conflicting routes keeps things simple and eliminates this class
// of issues.
// When a route is matched, the value of each named path parameter is stored on
// the request context.
// To retrieve the value of named path parameters from within a handler, the