cli: use FlagSet output instead of mutating it
ci: don't test Go 1.10 on Travis
ci: bump testing versions
cli: set supported language version
cli: parse flags in example
cli: test against Go 1.10 and Go 1.11
cli: clone via HTTPS in CI
cli: add CI config for builds.sr.ht
cli: remove auto help printing

Let the user print the help file if no such command is specified, or
there is nothing to run.
cli: simplify example code
support subcommands and remove CommandSet
Add Liberapay donate button

[ci skip]
ci: move to Travis CI
cli: no newline or capital on help error
cli: update to Go modules and remove dep support
readme: add Buy Me A Coffee link

[ci skip]
ci: test with Go 1.10

Don't use coverage and race detector at the same time which adds
allocations that can cause some tests to fail.
all: update copyright notice
f671aa35 — Sam Whited 3 years ago v0.0.4
Add Help command and help articles

Also improve the documentation somewhat and add more examples.
fcf5af92 — Sam Whited 3 years ago
Make vet shut up