Atlanta, GA



An implementation of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) in Go.


RFCs and Internet-Drafts working directory


Arch packages that I maintain on the AUR.


A simple init system for containers written in Rust.


An UNMAINTAINED theme for Octopress and Jekyll focusing on copy and images.


Simple version management for large files


A location sharing plugin for the Android XMPP client Conversations.


Check Go packages for documentation.


A tool for linting Markdown files.


The Mellium website, https://mellium.im


This repo contains the general project readme, and later may contain other documentation.


An UNMAINTAINED tool for extracting a Bitbucket issue export and importing it into GitHub


A deprecated and unmaintained fork of github.com/julienschmidt/httprouter that uses context


An implementation of RFC 7622, the XMPP Address Format, more commonly known as "Jabber IDs" or "JIDs" in Rust.


UI designs and experiments for an instant messaging client

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