Atlanta, GA



An implementation of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) in Go.


The Mellium website, https://mellium.im


A Go library for manipulating XML token streams.


RFCs and Internet-Drafts working directory


A tool for linting Markdown files.


A version of the Communiqué instant messaging client with a terminal-based user interface.


A libray for writing command line interfaces in the style of git or apt.


Check Go packages for documentation.


Clark Notation in Go


A simple init system for containers written in Rust.


An UNMAINTAINED theme for Octopress and Jekyll focusing on copy and images.


Simple version management for large files


A location sharing plugin for the Android XMPP client Conversations.


This repo contains the general project readme, and later may contain other documentation.


An UNMAINTAINED tool for extracting a Bitbucket issue export and importing it into GitHub

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