Atlanta, GA



This project has moved to Codeberg https://codeberg.org/Mellium/xmpp


An UNMAINTAINED theme for Hugo with a focus on readability (even on mobile) and showcasing photography.


A Go SDK for accessing the SourceHut HTTP API.


Provision SourceHut resources with Terraform.


My collection of calling cards for contra, square, and other traditional called dances.


Terraform plans and other opsy things for configuring code.soquee.net.


A LaTeX package for generating calling cards for contra and square dances.


XMPP Extension Protocols


A LaTeX package for creating collections of poetry and prose


A set design proposal for `After the Quake' at DramaTech Theater.


Files and data related to my 2014 attempt to thru-hike the appalachian trail.


Files from DramaTech Theater's production of Sarah Ruhl's `Eurydice'.


A talk I gave at FOSDEM2018 in the Go dev room: "The Case for interface{}"


A talk I've given several times about why Go is a good fit for companies making IO bound software.