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Arch packages that I maintain on the AUR.


A simple theme for Hugo with a focus on readability (even on mobile) and showcasing photography.


Provision SourceHut resources with Terraform.


A Go SDK for accessing the SourceHut HTTP API.


A Go module that parses the simple query language used for full text search in the Soquee issue tracker.


Package tmpl handles loading and rendering HTML templates in Go.


Package problem implements errors similar to the ones described by RFC 7807.


Package mux is a Go HTTP multiplexer that provided typed route parameters.


Package reltime implements a “time ago” algorithm.


Package testlog is a Go log.Logger that proxies to the Log function on a testing.T.


Package env is a Go package that can be used to load environment variables from files.


Package migration is a Go package for generating and finding PostgreSQL database migrations.


Package avatar contains functions for creating default user avatars.


Terraform plans and other opsy things for configuring code.soquee.net.


Package otp implements HOTP and TOTP one-time passwords in Go.

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