Add wad2map tool
ObHack-FreeDoom-3.6.2 released

More tweaks to how we add items to map:

        * Make sure single player + deathmatch maps have three (two at
	  tiny size) or more weapons.
	* Make sure medium, large, and huge maps have enough items and
	* Make sure huge maps always have the blue (red in FreeDoom) armor
	* Add megasphere and plasma gun to MAP24
Add 1FreeDoom1-tiny.test.sh to make sure tiny maps do not change
Add 1FreeDoom1-huge.test.sh to make sure huge maps are consistent
Update tests for new improved MAP24
Update MAP24 to have mega and plasma gun
Huge maps now always have "blue armor" (red in FreeDoom) in them

This way, armor can be commonly used in huge ObHack-generated maps.
Bug fix: doom2 game maps no longer always have 4 weapons
Have a map-size minimum number of items and weapons per map

Size	Items	Weapons
------	------	-------
Medium	1	1
Large	1	2
Huge	2	3
Make sure that, in case of a nil weapon, the levels can still build
Bug fix: We can make huge megawads again
SPDM: Always have two weapons in a deathmatch designed map, even if tiny
Tweak larger maps (medium or bigger) to have more weapons

All tests (for small maps, mind you) pass; no changes to tests
ObHack-FreeDoom 3.6.1 released

Fixed typo in CHANGELOG.txt
Release ObHack-FreeDoom-3.6.1: Update CHANGELOG.txt

3.6.1:  Another tweak to how we add items to map:

        * Move required shotgun from MAP01 to MAP02

        With seed 1FreeDoom1 and default settings, this *only*
        affects MAP02 (it’s now has what I see as an improved layout)
        with seed 2FreeDoom1 and default settings, this gives us the
        previous MAP01, except the old super shutgun is now a chainsaw.
ObHack 3.6.1 change: Move mandatory super shotgun to MAP02

Since Doom 2 actually doesn’t have the super shotgun until MAP02, update
the code which adds items to maps (if not present) to put the super shotgun
always in MAP02 (instead of MAP01).

All tests updated:

* With the seed 1FreeDoom1, only MAP02 is changed
* With the seed 2FreeDoom1, only MAP01 is changed
ObHack-FreeDoom-3.6.0 release: Update CHANGELOG.TXT 2020-04-14
ObHack 3.6 update: Update the tests

Since I have fixed the “move deathmatch goodies” bug where a change
to a given level would move the deathmatch goodies in all subsequent
levels, this altered where the goodies were in a lot of maps.

Hence, the tests are updated.

The good news is that a future change which affects only, say, MAP02
will only affect that one map when updating the tests.
Make sure deathmatch goodies are always in same place each level.

Make sure MAP12 randomly generated is the same MAP12 in DOOM2.WAD