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#MaraDNS automated testing

The original intent here is to set up a Docker image which can run MaraDNS on any system which supports Docker.

Right now, This is a series of files which allow a system running MaraDNS to run automated tests every day. Because we use Docker/Podman to run the tests, we can run the tests using just a single cron job on a bog standard Posix compliant *NIX system with Docker or Podman support.

#Setting up the tests

Make sure Docker is installed and running, then:


This make.docker.image.sh script will make a Docker image which can run the MaraDNS automated tests.

Once the image is made, set up an empty directory where the tests will be run. Edit run.MaraDNS.tests to have TESTDIR point to that directory. Next, run docker images and look for a repository with a name like maradns-2020-07-26; on that line there should be an image ID like 0a0b0c1d1e1f. Edit run.MaraDNS.tests to have IMAGE image point to that image ID.

The Docker image does not need to be frequently updated; the automated tests pull MaraDNS from GitHub to run the actual tests against.

#Running the tests

At this point, the tests are ready to run:


Have a cup of coffee; it takes about an hour to run all of the tests.

The script is smart enough to not run the tests again unless MaraDNS has been updated since the last time one ran the tests.

#Setting up a cron job

These tests should be easy enough to set up to run in Jenkins. I actually do not use Jenkins to run the tests; my personal Linux server runs the tests via cron (scheduled tasks in *NIX systems) every morning.

To make a crontab, after setting up the directory and, as root, copying run.MaraDNS.tests over to /usr/local/bin/, type in crontab -e (one does not need to be root to edit crontabs on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, but some systems require one to set up permissions before a non-root user to run cron tabs; your mileage may vary). If one is not comfortable editing files with vi, type in export EDITOR=nano before making the crontab. Make a line which looks like this:

32 5 * * * /usr/local/bin/run.MaraDNS.tests

This line says every morning, at 5:32am (32: Minutes after the hour; 5: Hour of the day; * * *: Every day), we run /usr/local/bin/run.MaraDNS.tests

After the tests are run, look for a file with a name like output-2020-07-26 in the TESTDIR directory set up above (see the section "Setting up the tests"). This file will have the test output.

#Podman compatibility

These directions will mostly work on the Podman Docker clone. However, the script run.MaraDNS.tests will needed to be edited before things run in Podman to invoke a Podman container with the -it flag, e.g.

docker run -it $IMAGE /run.tests.sh > output-$( date +%Y-%m-%d )

The -it is not needed if using Docker; it’s only needed for Podman.