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ca00f282 — Sam Trenholme MaraDNS release 3.5.0021 2 months ago

Please read this ticket before opening up a new issue:

  • Feature requests will be ignored. I am not getting paid enough for MaraDNS to develop features (actually, I am not getting paid for MaraDNS at all; in fact, it’s a net loss for me because I pay for maradns.samiam.org hosting out of pocket)
  • MaraDNS is not bug-for-bug identical to BIND when resolving poorly configured domains. See https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/31
  • Asking for anything specified in an RFC that came out after 2010 is a feature request; MaraDNS was frozen in 2010 and I am not getting paid enough to be current with newer RFCs.
  • Distribution specific issues should not be filed here. Please contact the support team for the Linux distribution you are using if using a package from that distribution to install MaraDNS.
  • Support requests should not be filed here. RTFM—read the f!@#$ manual! If the manual does not answer your question, STFW: Search the !@#$ web! If that does not answer your question, UTSL: Use the Source Luke.
  • Legitimate bug reports may or may not be handled.
  • Security bug reports will probably be handled. If the issue is one that you wish to keep confidential, please open up a ticket here in Github; make sure your Github profile has contact information or include contact information in the bug report. But really, you won’t find that kind of security bug in MaraDNS: MaraDNS has been around for nearly two decades and no one has ever found a bug in it which should have been kept confidential before I patched it (see http://maradns.samiam.org/security.html )
  • Spam disguised as a MaraDNS issue will be deleted. If the ticket does not mention MaraDNS, I will assume the ticket is robot-generated spam, and will both delete and report the ticket.

I have a mortgage to pay and a family to care for (I had neither when I started MaraDNS back in 2001). That in mind, I need to devote time either to my family or to activities which will help support my family. I plain simply have very little free time (it took me nearly a month to find three hours free to watch the latest Star Wars movie), and I am not about to waste that free time implementing whatever feature request you want for free. TANSTAAFL: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Thank you for your understanding.