MaraDNS/deadwood-github d---------
IP synthesizer: Make "internal" the TLD being used
DNS-to-IP script: Allow TLD to be changed.
49dc87b6 — Sam Trenholme 8 days ago
coLunacyDNS: Clarify string/numeric for all processQuery() return values
3f164a0c — Sam Trenholme 8 days ago
coLunacyDNS: Another doc update
b00925f3 — Sam Trenholme 8 days ago
README.md: Remove redundant coDNS.log() from example
e73fe9e7 — Sam Trenholme 8 days ago
README.md: Minor grammar fix
ad144973 — Sam Trenholme 8 days ago
coLunacyDNS: Update README.md

* coLunacyDNS is now version 1.0.010
* Clarify that example configs are public domain
* Add script to convert something like in to the
  corresponding IP ( in this case)
MARARC.parser: Remove obsolete note from 2007

Deadwood has had real dictionary variables since around early 2008.
coLunacyDNS: Update source code to 1.0.010 release

Next: Update the win32 binary

964d7892 — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
coLunacyDNS: Fix bug where we improperly use FD_ISSET w.r.t. select()

If you use FD_ISSET on a connection never set with FD_SET, this triggers
a buffer overflow in Ubuntu’s 20.04 glibc.  Fixed.

Found when updating tests for https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/91

This *also* means we will need to make a coLunacyDNS 1.0.010
3cff85fd — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
coLunacyDNS: Remove Ubuntu 20.04 compile time warning

9665fd17 — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
Deadwood SQA: Disable sqa_tcp_buffering

I am rather concerned that these tests, which work like a charm
in CentOS 8 + Podman, are failing in Ubuntu 20.04 + Docker.  It
*probably* indicates a bug with the Linux kernel or the libc TCP
libraries, since these tests have been running just fine for over
a decade.

I do not have the resources right now to deal with this bug.
DNS-over-TCP in Deadwood is only there for strict RFC compliance,
and I should probably disable DNS-over-TCP in Deadwood until
when and if I have time to deal with these corner case bugs.

74512774 — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
Deadwood testing: Update two more tests for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

7d4afcb8 — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
Update another test to use only nobody user (Ubuntu 20.04 work)

6b2577aa — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
update cache file test to run in Ubuntu 20.04

0b65117a — Sam Trenholme 2 months ago
sqa_tcp_buffering_2 fails in ARM64 and/or Ubuntu 20.04

I will not bother investigating this.  dns-over-tcp is deprecated.

lunacy: Remove compile-time warning; correct os_time comment
lunacy: Update manual for 2020-12-06 (limited os.time() restored)
Lunacy: Update for 2020-12-06

This does not affect coLunacyDNS, since the only change for 2020-12-06
is to add a limited version of os.time() (no arguments allowed; this
function simply returns the system time as a UNIX compatible timestamp
w/o Y2038 issues)


* Non-issue in UNIX and clones with 64-bit time_t (Lunacy uses 64-bit
  floats for all numbers)
* Non-issue in 32-bit Windows build (we convert the 64-bit Windows
  “FileTime” timestamps in to Lua’s 64-bit float format)
* Minimal issue in UNIX and clones with 32-bit time_t (negative times
  are assumed to be between 2038 and 2106); even here, Lunacy will use
  a 64-bit float.
9d214b45 — Sam Trenholme 4 months ago
coLunacyDNS: Update version number in README
294f7f89 — Sam Trenholme 5 months ago
README.md for coLunacyDNS: Add co1AA/co1RA/co1TTL example