Dockerfile now installs MaraDNS in Docker image.

Next: Change directory setup and startup so that MaraDNS config can
be on the host filesystem.

See also: https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/67
Merge Docker progress with update to make.blacklist.sh script.
Docker: We now have a Docker image which compiles MaraDNS

The CentOS limits were too low to make this work without
doing some low level hacking of /etc/security/limits.conf

Note to self: Playing with sysctl is *very* dangerous and
was not needed to solve this problem.  I had to restore my
CentOS 8 system from backup because I couldn't log in.
make.blacklist.sh: We no longer neeed to disable ipv6

The code now returns a synthetic “not there” for both IPv4 and IPv6
DNS queries when a name is black listed.
Deadwood: Convert tabs in to spaces (no code changes)
Update and add notes about update/ folders.
Explain the now-historical “update” directory.
README.md: Link to https://sourceforge.net/p/maradns-git/code/
./configure --ipv6 changes files in git tree
Get ./configure --ipv6 to work
See https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/pull/71/files
Merge pull request #72 from zdzichu/patch-2

version.h is needed by DwSys.o

Looks good.
f3f95091 — Tomasz Torcz a month ago
version.h is needed by DwSys.o
6d2ed571 — Sam Trenholme a month ago 3.5.0004
MaraDNS release 3.5.0004
While we're here, let's update the example dwood3rc files for 2020

Related to doc updates for https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/73
Update Windows documents for 3.5.0004 changes

See https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/73

Blacklist elements should not count towards maximum_cache_elements
Update dwood3rc.txt included with Windows

Deadwood changes:

* We now use Quad9 servers by default
* We now have real blacklist support
* We no longer need to increase maximum_cache_elements for a blacklist
Autobuild FAQ.html and FAQ.txt

Blacklist update

See also: https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/73
Update FAQ for 3.5.0003 and 3.5.0004 updates

We now have more direct blacklist support.

See also: https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/73
Update example dwood3rc for 3.5.0004 update

We no longer need to tell the user to increase maximum_cache_elements
to store a bunch of upstream/root server entries (nor ip4 antries, nor
ip6 entries).

See also: https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/73
Run script to build Deadwood document.

This is part of https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/73