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Update Windows document w.r.t. whitspace update

Ref: https://github.com/samboy/MaraDNS/issues/78
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M maradns-win32/Reference.txt
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@@ 46,23 46,14 @@ service.
                      CONFIGURATION FILE FORMAT

   The Deadwood configuration file is modeled after Python 2's
   syntax. Any valid Deadwood configuration file should also
   correctly parse in both Python 2.4.3 and Python 2.6.6. If any
   configuration file does correctly parse in Deadwood but raises a
   syntax error in Python, this is a bug that should be fixed.
   syntax.  However, since Deadwood 2 is no longer supported by the 
   Python Software Foundation, and since Deadwood configuration files 
   can sometimes fail to parse in Python 3, Deadwood does not strictly 
   follow Python 2 syntax.

   This in mind, whitespace is significant; Deadwood parameters
   must be in the leftmost column with no leading whitespace. This
   is a valid line (as long as there are no spaces to its left):

 recursive_acl = ""

   The following line, however, will raise a parse error:

  recursive_acl = ""
   In particular, leading whitespace is allowed in Deadwood configuration

   Observe the space to the left of the "recusive_acl" string in
   the incorrectly formatted line.

                           PARAMETER TYPES