direct to discord
removed float.h from types.h
changed readme again
updated readme
updated readme
Merge branch 'dev'
updated readme
fixed move window cursor bug
added mouse cursor location to thunder and added a toggle follow cursor to super_cool_square
moved dave_terminal over to thunder and removed legacy rendering support
partial performance fix for ipfc's. Optimizing the ipfc return is best done when we move away from round robin schedualing. also fixed memory bug only present in debug build in super_cool_square.
fixed locking perf in tempuser
super cool square can now run as a thunder window application
fixed kernel threading bug that I created the other day when solving a bug. Aand I fixed a buffer overrun in create ipfc handler
kernel hang commit
fixed dave terminal bug
solved kernel freeze problem
moved back to 8 cores
changed time syscall
removed process's access to the uart