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### For information on how to build AstraOS, see : http://samhsmith.net/blog/astraos_v0_2_on_manjaro.gmi

Source: http://samhsmith.net/blog/astraos_v0_2_is_here.gmi
## Source: http://samhsmith.net/blog/astraos_v0_2_is_here.gmi
# AstraOS v0.2 is finally here!

What things are new from version 0.1? Well, in no particular order,

@@ 17,7 16,6 @@ What things are new from version 0.1? Well, in no particular order,
* Two gui-app api's built with ipfc's

Going along with the new features are of course fixes to the many bugs I found in previous versions. Playing around with this version is a whole lot more fun then v0.1, it's almost exponential the effect of adding more to an Operating System. We still have a very long way to go though. The next obvious thing for me to work on is the file api. Right now you can only launch new programs from files and navigate a directory structure. Once you can read and write files, the core pillers of the OS will exist. Graphics, User Input, Inter Process Communication, Persistent Data Storage. That's something you can start building on top of.

If you don't run an arch based distro maybe you can figure out the correct packages for your distro and create a set of instructions for those who follow in your footsteps?
I'll put it here for all to see.