2432afda64a73d79637cd6b339fb7adbc770c7f4 — Sam H Smith 2 years ago 927e22a + 950585a
Merge branch 'dev'
53 files changed, 13929 insertions(+), 2759 deletions(-)

M .gitignore
M always_to_be_used_compiler_flags
M build.sh
A common/atomics.h
A common/atomics.s
M common/maths.h
A common/rwlock.h
A common/spinlock.h
A common/spinlock.s
A common/stacktrace.s
A dave_terminal/ANSI_dvorak.h
A dave_terminal/dave.c
R src/font8_16.h => dave_terminal/font8_16.h
A dave_terminal/sv_qwerty.h
M disk_dir/layout
M qemu
A ray2d/ray2d.c
M square_src/elf.c
M src/boot.s
A src/disk.c
D src/disk.h
R src/{elf.h => elf.c}
R src/{file.h => file.c}
A src/font8_16.c
R src/{input.h => input.c}
M src/kernel.c
R src/{libfuncs.h => libfuncs.c}
R src/{libfuncs2.h => libfuncs2.c}
A src/log.c
R src/{memory.h => memory.c}
R src/{oak.h => oak.c}
R src/{plic.h => plic.c}
A src/process.c
D src/process.h
A src/process_run.c
D src/process_run.h
R src/{qwerty.h => qwerty.c}
R src/{random.h => random.c}
R src/{samorak.h => samorak.c}
A src/stream.c
A src/syscall.c
D src/syscall.h
A src/tempuser.c
D src/tempuser.h
M src/trap.s
R src/{uart.h => uart.c}
A src/video.c
D src/video.h
A userland/aos_helper.h
M userland/aos_syscalls.h
M userland/aos_syscalls.s
A vrms/vrms.c
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