a1af5bbece5d4ff76a44714a9743e8b268163e02 — Sam A. Horvath-Hunt 5 months ago 1a56f0a
Remove SCB from resume

There's nothing to hide, but it's easier to do this than have to explain what happened to folks in interviews for another twenty years.

See also my "Making mistakes" blog post.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

M data/resume.toml
M data/resume.toml => data/resume.toml +0 -11
@@ 33,17 33,6 @@ programming and the fp-ts ecosystem.

company = "Standard Chartered"
website = "https://www.sc.com"
startDate = 2021-06-21
endDate = 2021-08-14
desc = """
I briefly worked at Standard Chartered with Haskell (Mu), however it wasn't a
good fit and I handed in my resignation. I'll elaborate upon this a little in a
blog post at some point.

company = "Adaptavist"
website = "https://www.adaptavist.com"
startDate = 2018-12-11