0a73cb9f5633bafc5aea669fa0528101e606e024 — Sam A. Horvath-Hunt 2 years ago c226be1
Gatsby -> Hugo

Much better build times, a little less magic.
59 files changed, 654 insertions(+), 13027 deletions(-)

D .eslintrc.js
M .gitignore
M .gitmodules
D .prettierignore
D .prettierrc.toml
A config.toml
A content/_index.md
A content/resume.md
A content/software.md
A data/resume.toml
A data/software.toml
D data/writings
D gatsby-browser.ts
D gatsby-config.js
D gatsby-config.ts
D gatsby-node.ts
A layouts/_default/baseof.html
A layouts/_default/rss.xml
A layouts/blog/single.html
A layouts/index.html
A layouts/page/resume.html
A layouts/page/software.html
A layouts/partials/experience.html
A layouts/partials/head.html
A layouts/partials/nav.html
A layouts/partials/software-item.html
A makefile
D package.json
D src/aliases.d.ts
D src/components/Experience.module.css
D src/components/Experience.tsx
D src/components/Footer.module.css
D src/components/Footer.tsx
D src/components/Heading.module.css
D src/components/Heading.tsx
D src/components/Nav.module.css
D src/components/Nav.tsx
D src/components/Page.tsx
D src/components/Quote.module.css
D src/components/Quote.tsx
D src/components/Section.module.css
D src/components/Section.tsx
D src/css.d.ts
D src/global.css
D src/pages/404.tsx
D src/pages/index.module.css
D src/pages/index.tsx
D src/pages/resume.module.css
D src/pages/resume.tsx
D src/pages/software.module.css
D src/pages/software.tsx
D src/templates/blog-post.module.css
D src/templates/blog-post.tsx
A static/robots.txt
A static/style.css
D tsconfig.json
A writings
D yarn.lock
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