Disable EditorConfig plugin for Git commits
Use swaylockd to spawn swaylock securely
Use busybox compatible flags for xargs
Create XDG_RUNTIME_DIR in .bash_profile if missing
Restore simplified version of original tmux config
Clean up msmtp config
Rename backup script to borg_backup
Move configs outside of $XDG_CONFIG_HOME to root
Migrate to Wayland and simplify various dotfiles
Update backup-host script to include system files
Update Bash config files
Remove aerc configuration
Add dmenu scripts for pass
Fix lemonbar when resizing monitor for VNC
Update various dotfiles with latest configs
Various dotfile updates and new scripts

Changes include:
- Remove Ruby variables from .bash_profile
- Simplify exclusion paths from backup-host script
- Add screen capture script
- Add barrierc helper script
- Remove xdg config files
Start GNOME Keyring on starting X session
Remove irssi config after migration to soju/gamja
Add shortcut to sleep laptop in sxhkdrc