Bump minor version 0.5.0 -> 0.6.0
Exclude unused variable errors in shellcheck
Fix build manifest
Replace license with WTFPL
Update README.md
fixup! Update icons/style
Add .editorconfig
Update icons/style
Bump minor version for release
Replace wireless_tools (iwconfig) in favor of iw
Fix state check for network interfaces

Check for "UP" within the angle brackets instead of the "state" value
which, according to the Arch Wiki, is what actually indicates whether
the interface is active or not.

Add missing -f flag for FontAwesome
Revert "Update Font Awesome font name/version (4 -> 5)"

This reverts commit 1edb376d4d4acba43a446f88621ecc8c526bc0b6.
Update Font Awesome font name/version (4 -> 5)
Use shellcheck-static AUR package for linting
Migrate from GitLab to sourcehut
a766ce04 — Ryan Chan 2 years ago
Use monochrome color scheme
6481cd13 — Ryan Chan 2 years ago
Apply light color scheme to default colors
6c845c5f — Ryan Chan 2 years ago
Add maintenance badge
7cb05899 — Ryan Chan 2 years ago
Rename test stage to lint in CI config
bae748f1 — Ryan Chan 2 years ago
Add pipeline status badge to README