Foundation library for Forge tools
Add support for basic line rendering
Re-introduce depth buffer for GUI element sorting
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Forge is a suite of artist tools for creating 2d/3d content. The tools are developed with an emphasis on clarity and simplicity.

Popular content creation applications are monolithic, they all tend to do a large number of things rather poorly. This project aims to provide individual, purpose-built tools that each solve a particular problem well.

Forge is the name of both the overarching project, and the foundation library that Forge tools are built upon. The library provides a common framework for programmers to develop digital content creation tools (sometimes abbreviated as DCCs). It includes basic support for: linear algebra; geometry processing; shading and rendering; and so on. It also provides a fundamental module for building responsive graphical user interfaces.

Forge software is, and always will be, committed to being free. Read the docs for more information.


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This repo is the foundation library for Forge tools.


  • Lightweight
  • GPU-accelerated
  • Extensibility via plug-ins
  • Combine procedural and interactive (immediate) workflows
  • Support for industry-standard interchange/file formats
  • ISO C11
  • POSIX compliance


Forge projects build using Meson.

#Preprocessor defines

FG_REAL_64 — Set fg_real to double (64-bit). This subsequently switches the fg_vecn/fg_matn coefficient types and the types used by various math operations.


Patches should be submitted to forge-devel. Please read through the Style Guide and Contribution Guide prior to submission.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 only (more info), unless otherwise specified.

#Third-party licenses