A simple promethous webhook listener which passes alarms to a command.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This is a simple program which listens for prometheus webhooks and forwards the alert to a customizable command. It spawns the configured command and copies the alert to the command's stdin stream.

#Examples of suitable programs

  • mnotify: Send alerts to Matrix rooms.
  • sendmail: The classic server side email interface.


The config lives at ~/.config/promalerter/config.toml and accepts the following settings:

  • Command (string): The command to execute for each alert. If it's empty promalerter prints to stdout.
  • ListenAddress (string): The address and port to listen on. Default:
  • Template (string): A go text template. The passed data structure is a prometheus alert data.
  • Shell (string): The shell to use for the command. Set to "" to disable the spawning of a shell. Default is /bin/sh.