Personal portable social data store
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Idili is a personal data storage and social sharing platform, conceived to be run on a portable computer such as a Rasberry Pi and accessed either via the web or via Bluetooth from an app on an iOS or Android phone.


This repository contains a back-end server broadly responsible for three activities:

  1. Serving a well documented REST API for the owner's data to make client application development as easy as possible.

  2. Storing and indexing the owner's data to make machine learning features (such as facial recognition on photos) possible on device.

  3. Act as a social media presense for the owner, enabling sharing of content with friends, family, and the broader internet, using protocols including ActivityPub, Dat, and IPFS.


Development of idili currently takes place using the sr.ht suite of tools. If you'd like to contribute, create a contributor account over at sr.ht then subscribe to the idili mailing list. See our issues list for places to dive in, and check out the git by email workflow tutorial once you're ready to pitch in!

#Code of Conduct

This project follows the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines. If you see violations of those guidelines occurring in this project in any way, please inform ross@rbs.io.