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Codsen is an amalgamation of "Code" and "Send" — meaning skill in both web and email development.

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This website is static and follows Indieweb principles:

  • We own our data, and it's open-sourced — for example, we won't post Medium — and our "Now" column and RSS are our Twitter.
  • We use our tooling, here, in client work — everywhere. That's selfdogfooding. By the way, string-strip-html is powering multiple Nunjucks filters here!
  • We believe in choosing a right tool for a job — no matter is it a client project or a pet project. Sometimes it's React but sometimes it's vanilla JS.
  • We believe static websites can still be data-driven — this website consumes a dozen external data sources — without Gatsby or Contentful — only HTML and CSS and a bit of vanilla JS! Try our search function, for example.
  • We believe in plurality — we moved away from GitHub and GitLab, Sourcehut is our place now.
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Our npm packages have {{ packageExamples | examplesExtractTotal }} examples posted here — all automatically tested and validated.