A turn based dungenon crawler written in LUA
Work on screen scaling.
Changed debug shortcuts.
Refactored level toggling and fixed bugs.


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Sinpin is a local multiplayter turn-based dungeon crawler with the goal is to reach the exit with the most gems. Each player has between one and six movement points per turn, and can only use them once. When the movement points are all used up, they restore.

The game is programmed in LUA using Löve2D version 11.3 (Mysterious Mysteries).


[ ] Implement teleporters closing after teleport for a specific amount of time. [ ] Rewrite path node storing to fix backtracking issues [ ] Fix ghost first turn [x] Implement level file renaming [x] Implement level deleting [x] Add movement cost for downwards movement [x] Add simple round end wrapup [x] Add simple player selection [ ] Add advanced player selection [ ] Improve window scaling [x] Reload levels when switching from editor to game and vice versa [ ] Add debug menu [x] Add debug logging [ ] Add custom font