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relogen is a simple script that generates Regolith color schemes using pywal.



Download & Install pywall: https://github.com/dylanaraps/pywal

Test pywal by running:

wal -i path/to/image/folder

This should set a new wallpaper from the specified path.

#Relogen Theme

Copy styles/relogen/ to ~/.config/regolith/

#Relogen Script

Make a hard link of the relogen script file to ~/.local/bin/

Make the script executable by running chmod +x ~/.local/bin/relogen


Update ~/.Xresources-regolith to point to the relogen theme:

#include ".config/regolith/styles/relogen/root"

#Wallpaper Directory

Edit the first line in ~/.config/regolith/styles/relogen/wallpaper to specify the path to your wallpaper directory. Make sure to use the fully expanded path (no ~/ or $HOME), otherwise it won't work.

Note: subdirectories in the wallpaper directory are ignored by pywal.


Edit ~/.bashrc with the following lines

# update terminal colors
cat ~/.cache/wal/sequences

This will make sure that the terminal colors are applied each time a terminal is opened.

#i3 Shortcut (optional)

To trigger the script with a keyboard shortcut, enter this line to your i3 config:

## Custom // Trigger Relogen Script // <Mod> <Alt> R ##
bindsym $mod+$alt+R exec $HOME/.local/bin/relogen

#Powerline Shell (optional)

Add the following line to .config/powerline-shell/config.json

"theme": "~/.config/regolith/styles/regen/powerline.py"

If the file doesn't exist, you can use powerline/config.json

#Yosemite San Francisco Font (Optional)

Download and install the font.

If you don't want to use this font, please edit ~/.config/regolith/styles/relogen/typeface and replace it with the font of your choice.

#Run relogen

Open the terminal and type relogen to see it in effect.



Regolith is a desktop environment built on top of Ubuntu, GNOME and i3.



Pywal is a tool that generates a color palette from the dominant colors in an image.


#Yosemite San Francisco Font (Optional)


#Powerline Shell (Optional)

A beautiful and useful prompt generator for Bash, ZSH, Fish, and tcsh.


#How it works

  • relogen executes pywal to choose a wallpaper from the wallpaper directory and sample its colors. The values are stored in ~/.cache/wal/.
  • relogen loads the colors, re-formats the strings and stores them in ~/.config/regolith/styles/relogen/color.
  • relogen applies the current wallpaper path to the config file, so regolith knows what to load next time it loads.
  • relogen also copies the rofi theme from ~/.cache/wal/ and stores it in the theme folder.
  • When all is done regolith-look-refresh is executed.

As you can see, pywal and regolith do all the hard work. relogen only consolidates the two.


  • When using the gnome terminal, the colors sometimes aren't applied to the color profile. When refreshing the terminal, it reverts to the Tango theme.
  • Powerline Shell uses extra colors for git versioned folders that aren't sampled from the wallpaper yet.


  • See the License file for license rights and limitations (MIT).
  • Here's a video of relogen in action:



If you enjoy this script, please consider donating to the creators of Regolith, pywal or powershell.