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Logbook is a personal time tracking tool written in ANSI C.


Logbook reads data stored in a text file called logs.md using the Indental format.

210319 1600 1700 Logbook        #Documentation Readme 

The #tag in the Description is a historical artefact from the original JS version of Logbook that currently isn't being utilised and probably won't be in the near future.


The logs reside in the same folder as the binary, there is no configuration file. If you want to change the location of the logfile, you'll need to change the LOGPATH constant in main.c on line 7 and compile the code.


You'll need clang-format as well as a C compiler such as gcc (which comes pre-installed on many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu). Run ./build.sh to compile logbook.


  • See the License.
  • The main branch is the live version.
  • For inquieries, please contact me on Mastodon.