Anchors is my personal website, assistant and wiki
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This is the repository for my personal website, project archive, journal and wiki Anchors. Anchors is a static website written in markup and generated with 11ty using Nunjuck templates.

The website uses the following plugins:

#Modifications of plugin eleventyNavigation

This website uses a modified version of the eleventyNavigation plugin. Instead of using the keyword eleventyNavigation in the front matter, it uses a shortened navi keyword.

The plugin is forked locally and stored in src/_includes/navi/. The package.json file references the local dependency.

The changes to the original plugin are:


At lines 6 and 7 change entry.data.eleventyNavigation to entry.data.navi:

		if(entry.data && entry.data.navi) {
	    	let nav = entry.data.navi;


At lines 5, 6 and 7 change eleventyNavigation to navi:

eleventyConfig.addNunjucksFilter("navi", EleventyNavigation.findNavigationEntries);
  eleventyConfig.addNunjucksFilter("naviBreadcrumb", EleventyNavigation.findBreadcrumbEntries);
  eleventyConfig.addNunjucksFilter("naviToHtml", function(pages, options) {


The main branch is the live version.

The assets and text content is under the BY-NC-SA4.0 License.