A simple config file library
Tweak CLI args to allow stdin
Initial implementation


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A simple config file library


rconf is a very simple config file parsing library and command line program suitable for scripting.

It is similar to the .ini file format in that there are multiple key value pairs, but all pairs exist in the same namespace. The format and implementation is designed to be as simple as possible. Pairs are parsed line by line in a similar way to getopt.


rconf should be able to be built on any modern UNIX or UNIX-like system, if you find this is not the case then please either file a bug or send a patch.

$ make install


In C:

#include <rconf.h>

int main(void)
    FILE *fp;
    size_t len = 0;
    int rconf = 0;

    fp = fopen("my.conf", "r");

    while ((rconf = rconf_get(&len, fp)) != -1) {
        printf("%s - %s\n", rconf_key, rconf_value);

    return 0;

Using rconf(1):

$ echo "hello = world" | rconf -k hello -
$ rconf my.conf
here = are
some = examples

See the included man pages for more information and examples.