Public domain Lua modules
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A set of Lua modules guaranteed to be public domain.


  • base64: Base64 binary encoding
  • bits: utility module to determine the current Lua interpreter's integer bitwidth
  • char: ASCII character utilities (e.g. is_printable)
  • deep: deep equality and copy operations
  • execute: extend os.execute and io.popen to safely quote arguments, set environment variables and change directory
  • hex: hexadecimal binary encoding
  • lamport-merkle: implementation of the combined Lamport-Merkle signature scheme
  • lamport: implementation of the Lamport signature scheme
  • merkle: implementation of the Merkle tree data structure
  • notify: a libnotify wrapper
  • random.prng: Pseudorandom number generators (e.g. xorshift32)
  • random.rng: entropy sources (e.g. /dev/random)
  • ser: serialize Lua values as Lua expressions and a pretty-printer for free
  • sha: reference implementations of SHA (currently: SHA1 and SHA-256)
  • tar: implementation of the tar archive format (currently: UStar)
  • tree: a tree-graph implementation
  • uint32: uint32_t but in Lua