Roger Steve Ruiz's landing page on the open internet.
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#Landing page

This repository contains the code my landing page. For me a landing page is something that I used to do when I was a kid and the internet was a bit more free-form. I would load a simple HTML file as my initial page whenever I'd open a browser window; funny there were no tabs back then just windows 🙂. So I'd fire up my favorite browser and a little customized landing page would exist with things that I found useful or interesting or maybe just wanted to come back to.

Now the internet is a much different place. It's important to advertise yourself on there and this idea of a landing page is now in it's next evolution. This landing page serves as a small space on the web to showcase my skills, development, and perhaps links about myself.

#This project uses Bun

This project leverages Bun as the automation and package manager. Ensure you have bun in your path when running the scripts in the package.json file. An example for running the development server is below.

bun dev

Run bun run to see the other options available to you.