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This repository contains the DNS records for domains that I own. I don't consider any of this information sensitive or private as it's accessible by different tools. I use Terraform to manage my personal cloud infrastructure using Gandi.


Exist in plain sight. Security through obscurity is sometimes bullshit.

This repository contains references to sensitive information used by Terraform. You can leverage some of this code to work with Gandi yourself, but note that the infrastructure is personally managed by me. If your cloud provider isn't Gandi, this repository may not be useful to you. But if you use Gandi too, then make sure you leverage your own Gandi account and update the resources here to match your infrastructure.

#Terraform provider

This project uses the Gandi Terraform provider. You can read more about it on the Terraform registry.

=> The gandi Terraform provider by go-gandi


I use Gandi as a DNS provider. You can find more information about Gandi from their homepage.

=> gandi.net homepage (english)

=> gandi.net página (español)


Please read the license file in this repository for more information. It's subject to change, but the latest copy in the repository's default branch is the current version.

=> The current License version