A family cookbook.
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This repository is for a cookbook using Cooklang. The main goal of this repository is to create Markdown files from Cooklang files automatically in CI and build a static-site themed to be viewable as a cookbook on an iPhone.

Being a static site is very important here as I don't want to spend too much work on how the application logic looks. The rendering of the cookbook should come from the CookCLI and be built statically. This includes things such as the shopping list which can be a LocalStorage-based solution to track items in a list being checked off. Again, I do not want any server-side rendering here as I don't believe it's necessary. I also don't want to have to use any JavaScript frameworks for most of this functionality. The targeted browsers are modern browsers, with a heavy focus on Safari and iOS Safari browsers.

#Contributing recipes

#Deploying the site


Please see the LICENSE file located in this repository.