My Nix configuration for Linux and macOS


Roger Steve Ruiz's landing page on the open internet.


My migrated blog ported from Jekyll to Hugo.


This repository contains DNS records, managed by Terraform, for domains that I f••k with.


My professional resume written in JSON Resume Schema


"Si amas algo, hazlo al aire libre"


Go libraries & examples for building CTA bus / train trackers


An automation translation layer for working with Structurizr DSL (GitHub mirror)


A family cookbook.


Tick is a CLI time-tracking tool written in Rust. ⏱


A collection of scripts and Docker image I use with Ledger CLI


A tool to text a phone number whenever there availble COVID-19 vaccines at a given CVS location(s).


A simple AppleScript to create numbered folders in a particular directory.


This is a repository for my kids to create Gemini pages.