A modern TUI library for go
widgets(term): use oneshot timer instead of persistant
widgets(term): fix leaking goroutine
core: prefer /dev/tty over stdin/stdout



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It begins with them, but ends with me. Their son, Vaxis

Vaxis is a Terminal User Interface (TUI) library for go. Vaxis supports modern terminal features, such as styled underlines and graphics. A widgets package is provided with some useful widgets.

Vaxis is blazingly fast at rendering. It might not be as fast or efficient as notcurses, but significant profiling has been done to reduce all render bottlenecks while still maintaining the feature-set.

All input parsing is done using a real terminal parser, based on the excellent state machine by Paul Flo Williams. Some modifications have been made to allow for proper SGR parsing (':' separated sub-parameters)

Vaxis does not use terminfo. Support for features is detected through terminal queries. Vaxis assumes xterm-style escape codes everywhere else.

Contributions are welcome.


#Minimal example

package main

import "git.sr.ht/~rockorager/vaxis"

func main() {
	vx, err := vaxis.New(vaxis.Options{})
	if err != nil {
	defer vx.Close()
	for ev := range vx.Events() {
		switch ev := ev.(type) {
		case vaxis.Key:
			switch ev.String() {
			case "Ctrl+c":
		win := vx.Window()
		win.Print(vaxis.Segment{Text: "Hello, World!"})


Questions are welcome in #vaxis on libera.chat, or on the mailing list.

Issues can be reported on the tracker.

#TUI Library Roundup

Notcurses is included because it's the most advanced, most efficient, most dank TUI library

Feature Vaxis tcell bubbletea notcurses
Bracketed Paste
Kitty Keyboard
Styled Underlines
Mouse Shapes (OSC 22)
System Clipboard (OSC 52)
System Notifications (OSC 9)
System Notifications (OSC 777)
Synchronized Output (DEC 2026)
Unicode Core (DEC 2027)
Color Mode Updates (DEC 2031)
Images (full/space)
Images (half block)
Images (quadrant)
Images (sextant)
Images (sixel)
Images (kitty)
Images (iterm2)
Dank 🆗