a sourcehut tui
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A tui for sourcehut. Heavily under development


Configuration is looked for at $XDG_HOME_CONFIG/hutui/config.scfg. Like hut, hutui uses the scfg config format. The instance configuration is identical to hut, thought hutui has not yet implemented access-token-cmd.

instance "sr.ht" {
        access-token "<token>"
        meta {
            origin "https://meta.sr.ht"

chat-cmd "senpai"


Installation requires a go toolchain.

sudo make install


In general there isn't much functionality yet. Don't expect too much.


  • <Tab>/<S-Tab> to switch tabs
  • j/k to go up and down lists
  • <Enter> to select something
  • <C-b> to toggle key bypass (useful in a terminal)
  • : to enter command mode
  • :git ~rockorager to see ~rockoragers' git repos
  • :todo ~rockorager to see ~rockoragers' trackers
  • :lists ~rockorager to see ~rockoragers' mailing lists


The git tab displays repositories for a user. Navigate to a new users' list by typing :git <username>. Username should include the prefix '~'. Pressing <Enter> on a repository does a shallow clone to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/hutui directory and opens an embedded terminal. The terminal will open to a README, if one is found (using the same rules sourcehut uses to find a README). Otherwise, it will open a blank $EDITOR with the repository as the working directory.

If you open a repo that already exists in your cache, a git pull will be performed instead of a fresh shallow-clone.

When an embedded terminal opens from this view, keys are bypassed. Press <C-b> to toggle the bypass mode.


There isn't much "todo" here. Just a listing so far. See another users' list with :todo <username>, including the prefix


Lists will display a list of your (or another users') mailing lists. Pressing <Enter> will display a list of patches from this mailing list. You can change the status of a patchset (assuming you have write access) with the following commands:


When you are viewing a patchlist, you can press 'h' to return back to the user patch list view.


Chat is just an embedded terminal running your chat-cmd. By default, keys are not bypassed when entering this tab. Press <C-b> to enable bypass of all keys (except for <C-b>)


Sourcehut is awesome. Terminals are awesome. Why leave the terminal to manage sourcehut stuff? hut is good, but sometimes I like a TUI. So ...TUI.

Also, out of frustration with some other TUI frameworks (looking at you, tview and bubbletea) I wanted to see what it would be like to combine the best of these, rtk is that result, and hutui has been my playground to flesh out the design, and will continue to be - expect breakages.

As such, even though hutui has very limited functionality, it has an entire suite of theming. rtk has built-in support for base16 themes. Some possibilities:

hutui --list-themes | less # See the full list of themes
hutui --theme=onedark # Specify a theme
hutui --theme=random # Be brave


Patches and/or questions can be sent to ~rockorager/hutui@lists.sr.ht.

Contact me on IRC: libera.chat=rockorager

Tickets can be submitted at https://todo.sr.ht/~rockorager/hutui