jmap: expose ID::Valid() function
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A JMAP client library. Includes support for all core functionality (including PushSubscription and EventSource event streams), mail, smime-verify, and MDN specifications

Note: this library started as a fork of github.com/foxcpp/go-jmap It has since undergone massive refactoring and probably doesn't look very similar anymore, but many thanks to foxcpp for the initial work.


package main

import (


func main() {
	// Create a new client. The SessionEndpoint must be specified for
	// initial connections.
	client := &jmap.Client{
		SessionEndpoint: "https://api.fastmail.com/jmap/session",
	// Set the authentication mechanism. This also sets the HttpClient of
	// the jmap client

	// Authenticate the client. This gets a Session object. Session objects
	// are cacheable, and have their own state string clients can use to
	// decide when to refresh. The client can be initialized with a cached
	// Session object. If one isn't available, the first request will also
	// authenticate the client
	if err := client.Authenticate(); err != nil {
		// Handle the error

	// Get the account ID of the primary mail account
	id := client.Session.PrimaryAccounts[mail.URI]

	// Create a new request
	req := &jmap.Request{}

	// Invoke a method. The CallID of this method will be returned to be
	// used when chaining calls
		Account: id,

	// Invoke a changes call, let's save the callID and pass it to a Get
	// method
	callID := req.Invoke(&email.Changes{
		Account: id,
		SinceState: "some-known-state",

	// Invoke a result reference call
		Account: id,
		ReferenceIDs: &jmap.ResultReference{
			ResultOf: callID, // The CallID of the referenced method
			Name: "Email/changes", // The name of the referenced method
			Path: "/created", // JSON pointer to the location of the reference

	// Make the request
	resp, err := client.Do(req)
	if err != nil {
		// Handle the error

	// Loop through the responses to invidividual invocations
	for _, inv := range resp.Responses {
		// Our result to individual calls is in the Args field of the
		// invocation
		switch r := inv.Args.(type) {
		case *mailbox.GetResponse:
			// A GetResponse contains a List of the objects
			// retrieved
			for _, mbox := range r.List {
				fmt.Printf("Mailbox name: %s", mbox.Name)
				fmt.Printf("Total email: %d", mbox.TotalEmails)
				fmt.Printf("Unread email: %d", mbox.UnreadEmails)
		case *email.GetResponse:
			for _, eml := range r.List {
				fmt.Printf("Email subject: %s", eml.Subject)
		// There is a response in here to the Email/changes call, but we
		// don't care about the results since we passed them to the
		// Email/get call


#Core (RFC 8620)


#Mail (RFC 8621)


#MDN (RFC 9007)


#WebSocket (RFC 8887)

Not started

#S/MIME (RFC 9219)